Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Disney Castle bedroom that went viral.

At last after seemingly ages I have published on my website pictures of the Disney style room from a few summers back.

Not in any way meaning or trying to sound negative, hoping more to lean towards the vaguely amusing...
Having spent what seems like forever being basically tired, well at least since the kids were born, it's just about all my energy can deal with to produce these artworks, sort the images and build webpages, do social media and the like, so I've not much left to put towards saying anything. So...  I won't lol. 

Night all, hope you like the latest website update. Oh I can just muster the impetus to say this, of course you may know already that my newer, more current activities and artwork images usually appear on my facebook page first, which is kind of normal these days, so the link to that is:

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