Major Website Update for Smartphones

Major website update for smartphones

With this new update:

  • Text is resized to be readable on all devices including phones

  • Navigation "hamburger" menu  redesigned to work on phones old and new

  • New content and murals created in 2021

  • WC3 Validation and bugfixes

New Content added to website

Screen Sizes.

Have you noticed as mobile phone screens are given higher and higher resolutions, font size has become smaller and smaller! So much so that the writing on the Sacredart Murals website ultimately became incredibly tiny, and the menus unusable. 

So I've carefully redesigned the "responsive" elements within the site to work properly and so offer a much better user experience. Please grab your phone and give it a try!

New Content

I've added four new murals to the site, showing the extensive work in Yeaton Pevery Hall, a grand period property near Shrewsbury.  Follow this link to Take a look

Pool Mural

Grand stairs mural

Stairs facing mural

Changing room mural


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