It Works!!

Great! Very impressed with the IFTTT thingy working perfectly, with a simple little "recipe" the test blog entry was popped up on my facebook page timeline, just as I wanted. Not going to use Networked Blogs now as I tried it and found it quite unwieldy to use, plus they have just moved the best bits of it to a paid subscription service called Symphony, which is way overkill for me and not something I want to waste money on monthly. The only thing missing is a blog tab on my facebook page but I can live without that.

Next task was to get a feed for the blog working on my website, and that is now working lovely thanks to FeedWind ( which is a nice little wiggit that slots into my html page all snug and cosy like. Brill.

Right, it's late and I've got to do some digital artwork tomorrow, so I'm off to bed.


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