Starting Out

Ok hi everyone (ie probably just basically me) and, well, here we are, my squeakily new blog which oh so wants to be well oiled and humming with all the hard work of setting up, testing and getting it to work on my website and facebook already done, instead of at this horribly just starting out and probably glitchy stage. The page is glaringly empty, like a wall just coated with dulux brilliant white, before a masterpiece is painted on it, and it's gonna take some work to get past the newbie stick figure bit.

Reasons for the blog...?

Well I'm a mural painting artist and interior design painter working all across the UK and beyond, with my work appearing internationally including France, eastern Europe and the United States, and I like to chat about the jobs I'm working on 
and post up pictures on my facebook page - I would also like this interaction with interested people to be seen on my website, and so a blog which is written once but is posted to both sites, seems like a nice way of doing this.

I'm using Blogger here, and Networked Blogs for facebook, to get things started, then I'll add it to my website somehow, not sure how that works yet but I'm guessing it's not too tricky, tons of people do it...  Any suggestions of a good method and the hows and whys would be really helpful if anyone wants to point me in a good direction, otherwise I'll just research as usual using the web and see what I find. 

Hopefully I'll have a lovely, visually appealing (with my own artwork) and engaging blog up and running in next to no time, but just to whet your appetite, my next job is really amazing, a real doozy as they say, painting an Indian temple scene as though it has been carved out of the very rock, around the walls of a privately owned indoor swimming pool. This will be tremendous work that will take quite a few months, and should be very fulfilling spiritually, so I'll be posting up updates with pictures of how it's all going, which will give more than just a glimpse of the artist at work, you'll be able to see into my very soul!!!



  1. Great to have you blogging Neil! I've been watching your work for some years now and really enjoy what you do. A couple of months back you started with digital work - is that on the back burner while you earn some bux?? I wish you lots of success and, more importantly, joy in your work! Val

  2. "digital work - is that on the back burner while you earn some bux?"

    Exactly! Though saying that I am working on some packaging designs on the cintiq for a friend of mine, before this big job starts, some fun caricatures that I'm enjoying doing, though they are taking a bit too long! I'm just too pernickity finicky! Looking forward to the Indian temple pool scene, and another scene of a romantic Rajasthani desert is also in the pipeline. Thanks for your support Val it's very well appreciated, and I hope you have fun with your work too. I have had a quick look at your blog and it looks great, your latest lion piece is amazing, I really like it so much :)


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